Grainway Belt Conveyors

The Grainway conveyors are very universal. They can be used under the aeration floor of grain bins, in overhead applications, in drive over pits, in moving grain to an elevator leg, and under hopper bottom bins.

Grains such as corn, small grains, oil seeds, edible beans, popcorn, and peanuts may be handled by this belt conveyor.  The flat conveyor loads a few BPH to 10,000 BPH. The incline conveyor loads 3000 BPH to 3500 BPH.

One conveyor, Flat or Incline- can be used for all sizes of grain bins. Pick the largest size of bin for the use of one portable conveyor. You can also choose to use a Stationary Conveyor for each bin.  Custom length may be ordered for your application.

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