2022 Great Ontario Yield Tour

Advanced Grain Handling Systems Inc. (AGHS) was happy to have sponsored this year’s Great Ontario Yield Tour events! We’d like to thank our NECO rep, Ron Kleuskens, for putting his exhaustive knowledge of mixed flow drying systems on display for the hundreds of wonderful guests who participated in Farms.com’s 7th Annual Yield Tour. We hope everyone who listened to Ron’s presentation learned exactly why, as he cleverly put it, “Cheap Dryers are so Expensive.”

We hope attendees also got a chance to see some of the custom millwrighting work undertaken by our skilled tradesmen. Newly outfitted with our own fabrication facilities, AGHS provides custom design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of agri-commercial grain storage and handling systems. Bin hopper support structures, towers, elevators, and drag unloads are just some of the products you will be seeing from us in the future!

More info: https://riskmanagement.farms.com/events/ontario-yield-tour-2022/tour-events

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