Kongskilde – Grain Cleaners

Grain that has been cleaned prior to market ensures a higher quality product and as a result, premium prices. Kongskilde grain cleaners are suitable for capacities ranging from 390 bu/h (10 t/h) and 3120 bu/h (80 t/h).

KF-12  Aspirator model.

Aspirator type cleaners are suitable for removing dust and light impurities from grain.  In an aspirator the grain passes through an upwards moving air stream. The air stream catches particulate while the grain falls through the bottom outlet of the aspirator. Dust and other light impurities follow the air stream through the blower and into a pipeline to the discharge.

KDC 4000 Rotary with Air Model. 

KDC 4000 is a dual cleaner with screen and aspirator functions. The interior screens sorts grain kernels by size as the aspirator unit removes light impurities.



•  Only rotation parts – no vibration transmitted, which reduces stress and wear on the components.

•  All components exposed to the ambient made in galvanized steel suitable for outdoor installations.

•  Wear spots made of stainless steel.

•  Screens for size separation of grain kernels.


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