Production Sales – KLEENair

The KLEENair Vacuum Grain Screener is significantly better and more versatile than the ASPIRATOR type cleaners because of the SCREENING ACTION where the Nylon Tipped, Hanger-Bearing Auger moves the grain across a perforated tube.  The screen and auger are enclosed in a heavy metal hopper which has a vacuum environment inside.  Broken kernels, cracks, splits, fines and bees wings are screened here, drawn out, and blown away by the high-pressure blower.  The fines are totally enclosed from the KLEENair Screener to the final storage area.  This helps keep the area around the dryer clean and free from blowing debris.  We have encountered many grain producers who have purchased ASPIRATOR type cleaners, hoping to clean and remove broken kernels and fines, only to be disappointed since this is a job they cannot do well.

The KLEENair Vacuum Grain Screener was specifically designed to clean fines and bee’s wings simultaneously.

The KLEENair Blower is also different than the blower used on other ASPIRATOR type cleaners, in that it moves less volume of air at a higher pressure giving it the ability to transfer the screened product further with less wear on the equipment.

There is a lot of interest in our KLEENair high-pressure blowers for miscellaneous ASPIRATING operations. For example:

•  Aspirating at the discharge area of a dryer

•  Aspirating at the head or boot of bucket elevators

•  Aspirating from the receiving pit

•  Aspirating at the distributor of a bucket elevator to exhaust moist air

•  Aspirating at the dry grain inlet of the grain dryer to remove bees wing and trash

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