NECO – Mixed Flow Dryers

Mixed Flow – Proven to Preserve Grain Quality. 

NECO is a specialized agricultural equipment engineering and manufacturing company providing high-value grain dryers, grain handling, and aeration equipment for agricultural customers worldwide.

• The NECO dryer has a large holding capacity facilitating longer retention times and more economical drying capabilities.

• Servicing is easier with hinged belt guards and quick release latches on the control box while diagnostic lights pinpoint the reasons for safety shutdowns.

• In a NECO dryer, every kernel of grain moves repeatedly in and out of the hottest air several times during its passage through the dryer. As a result of the unique NECO duct system, each kernel is dried evenly, avoiding stress cracking, discoloration, and chalking. Owing to the mixed air flow and numerous heat diffusers, test weight and quality of the grain are improved versus comparable screen dryers.

• A complete clean out of the dryer with the flip of a lever. Every kernel falls free to avoid contamination of grain.

The NECO multi-blade fan provides maximum air output with minimal energy consumption.

• A belt drive allows us to customize the speed of the fan to match the performance required to dry grain efficiently and fast.

• The forward, curved blades used in the NECO dryer literally scoop the air up and propel it through the grain with just the right velocity to provide maximum drying output.

• The NECO fan is designed to produce high air flow at a low speed, reducing vibration. This allows a longer life expectancy from all components of the dryer and easier starting of motor on start up.

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