Brock – Aeration Systems

Brock offers a comprehensive range of Aeration Systems designed to meet any on-farm or commercial application.  The Brock Aeration product line offers the following fan types:

•  Axial Fans – designed for high air flows and low static pressure applications

•  Centrifugal In-Line Fans – designed for low airflow and high static pressure environments — excellent for use with smaller grain bins holding small grains (wheat, rapeseed, barley, etc.)

•  Low Speed Centrifugal Fans – designed for environments with high airflow and medium static pressures for larger storage bins.

High Speed Centrifugal Fans – designed for environments with low airflow and high static pressures requirements.

Low Speed Centrifugal PTO Fans – designed for direct engine-drive use at 1750 RPM. Use a flexible coupling to link this fan to the power take-off of irrigation or other utility engines.

Selecting the right fan can be intimidating. For optimum results, make sure to check with our team of experts before you decide to purchase. Using Brock’s unique AirSolver™ computer software to calculate the appropriate Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM), we will help you get the model that best suits your application.

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