Kongskilde Air System

Pressure conveying systems are used to move grain from one place to another and require grain be fed into a hopper above an injector or rotary valve.


• Minimal space for installation, the conveying pipes can reach anywhere
• Low weight of the conveying pipe means only small loads on buildings
• No heavy components to be installed in inaccessible places
• Wide range of modular pipe components and junctions
• Only electrical installation to blower and rotary intake, which are centrally located.
• Easy capacity regulation with dampers on the inlet of the rotary intake unit
• Maximum capacity is achieved with pressure conveying

How a blower system works:

• When the conveying pipe is connected to the blower’s pressure side a powerful air flow is directed through the conveying pipe. An injector or receiving hopper leads the material to be conveyed into the piping system. Diverters are used to convey the grain easily to different delivery locations.

How a suction system works:

• The blower’s intake side is used for suction conveying. The blower’s intake is connected to the top of a suction cyclone. A receiving hopper is fitted to the cyclone’s bottom outlet. The system is suitable for suction of grain from various locations through fixed or flexible pipelines, for example directly from the floor.

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