Lambton Cannon Conveyor

The grain cannon is a versatile chain conveyor that utilizes galvanized tube housing to gently convey material horizontally or at angles of up to 60 degrees. This equipment is often used in applications that would have traditionally required an auger or drag conveyor.

A grain cannon requires less horsepower than an auger and it causes less damage to the grain it conveys. Grain cannons can also cover spans up to 30 feet, eliminating the need for catwalks that are required with traditional chain conveyors.

Current Sizes:

•  6″ to 12″ diameters

•  2,000 BPH TO 10,000 BPH

Standard Features:

•  Galvanized steel construction

•  Shaft mount gear reducer drives

•  Head or boot driven options

•  Drive sections are shipped assembled

•  Chain is shipped assembled with paddles

•  Complete assortment of complementary products

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