New! DBar 18″ Adjustable Cushion Boxes

For Sale: 2 – 18″ DBar Adjustable Cushion Boxes

List Price Per Unit: $3350

DBAR stands for “Dead Box Adjustable Round.” This unit features an internal cone with an adjustable baffle that collects and cushions grain — even when the spouts aren’t running at full capacity. You’ll experience a consistent pocket of grain, and you’ll generate a higher-quality product while also keeping your operation running efficiently.

The DBAR is ideally suited for grain-on-grain cushion box applications where the grain legs are not operating at full capacity, as well as for times when you need to vary the capacity of the spout between full and half-full. The self-cleaning inner cone also produces excellent results during operations where there’s a high risk of cross-contamination.

Contact our Brantford Office for more details:
21 Empey St.
Brantford, ON

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