RAD Drag Conveyors

A no-nonsense, robust U-Trough designed to meet your everyday grain conveying requirements.


Features Include:

•  High-Performance, self-cleaning drag conveyors

• Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel construction

• Elevation up to 15° with the incline joint

• Heavy-duty, durable CNC machining

• 600 to 6400 bushels/hour

• Pre-assembled drive, head and foot for easy installation

• Dodge drive with shaft up to 3 15/16″

• Heavy 81XH conveyor head and chain for intensive use

• Highly resistant stainless steel return rail

• 81X conveyor chain for 9” to 16” models

• Extremely wear-resistant UHMW polyethylene paddles

• Optional liner for bottom and sides

• Wide range of accessories available

–       Divided inlets, receiving pits, rack & pinion hatches


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