Used! GSI 1108 Portable Grain Dryer LP 1P – $15,000

Once drying needs exceed those that a Stir-Ator or Grain Flow bin drying system is capable of, Portable Dryers provide higher capacities with greater flexibility while minimizing the investment. They may operate either dry & cool or all heat while cooling in properly equipped bins using LP or natural gas with many models able to use single phase electrical supplies.

This design covers the smaller to middle capacity 5 point removal requirements from 220 to 2,450 BPH dry & cool and 420 to 4,000 BPH all heat. From a simple system with grain moved by augers to a more involved system with an overhead wet bin, drag conveyors, and bucket elevators, GSI’s portable dryer models are the most versatile. The low profile of the single module dryers work well with overhead wet bins, while the 8’-26’ basket lengths give growers the flexibility they need for capacity growth. Depending on the model, GSI’s optional grain inverters, heat recovery systems, and noise suppression systems can further enhance efficiency, quality and, environmental requirements in a high percentage of today’s growing farms.

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